About me

img_7565%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acHi, I’m Nan. I am a senior majoring in Interactive Media Arts at NYU Shanghai.

I would call myself an enthusiastic student driven by the motivation of exploring interaction design, new media, and art.  I have passions for quality, boldness, and optimism to be inspired by the unknown, problem solving with both creativity and research while keeping the actual users in mind to create a better experience.

I have studied and experienced on many fields, including UX/UI design, Generative Arts, Data Viz, Animation, Virtual Reality, Web and so on. My UX/UI project was awarded NYU Shanghai 2016 Dean’s Undergraduate Research Funds. My works were showed in Shanghai Maker Carnivals and Interactive Media Arts Final Shows. I also has had a speech sharing my data visualization project in Popcorn Session.

My Resume: