Tangible Interaction: Color in Hand 2.0




Project Overview

Cloud in Hand is a tangible interactive light, which is my exploration of more interactions and emotion-exchanges a light can have with a human.

I want to create a gentle, joyful, and fun way for people to interact with a light. By holding it in your hand and making it respond you in a freer tangible way without a clear interface, I believe it would be a nice little guy sitting on your table that you can play with to kill some leisure time.

Individual Project

VIDEO(vimeo, vpn needed):



Ideation & Iterations


During the phrase of ideation, I asked myself a question:

Is it possible for people to have a brand new interaction with a normal daily thing?

I found that lamps or lights tend to sit on a surface and just be there. But how about people can touch it? How about interacting with it to feel the light, and at the same time, it can still function as a lamp.

Then I have my first edition of Cloud in Hand 1.0. (as the image above shows) The first edition Cloud in Hand 1.0 can be seen here. The full documentation on the design process can be seen here.


After finishing the first prototype, I tested it with people around me. I found they tended to interact with it gently and carefully. They used “Cloud” to describe the light, which was exactly what I would like to hear. For the user behaviors, interactions such as touching, pressing were tested and examined.



From the insights, I got rid of all the buttons and controllers on the light to make it look less mechanical, I also added features like fading effects to create more empathy for people using it.

Design Process

Technology Used:

  • Hardware including Arduino
  • Various sensors
  • Coding & Programming


internal appearance




schematic circuit
schematic circuit


Full Documentation w/ Codes and detailed design process

You can find it here.

Finally, thank you for reading~:D