[Creative Coding] Me-to-Me for AKQA SH

Me-to-Me is a generative coding art piece which dynamically shows people working in AKQA Shanghai. It aims to present the company branding image and people in the company in a creative, unique way.

Particle systems, dynamite image reading, and flowing field are integrated into the project.

The workpiece is shown at the entrance of AKQA Shanghai as the showcase of the company culture and identity. It is favored and applauded by the employees.

Software used: Processing 3

Internship work in 2017.11



Ideation (identity, composition, we are together, as part of AKQA)

First try

p5 -> Processing (reason, tension in between)

For logo, flow field + wind, different tryouts

For photos:

Different tryouts ( explosion, enormous agent(attraction), mathematics -> 2d feel like 3d), Main struggles and how I solved them ( not dynamite, timing, pixel feeling, density iterations)

Final result and feedback

What I get from this project