Logo: Dynamite for 围炉


Dynamite is an event aiming to gather people from different backgrounds together and offer an opportunity for them to share as well as exchange their opinions on various aspects in the society. It is an event about thought collision process to get inspiration and faith. Therefore, it is called Dynamite. 

I was honored to design the logo for the event. By taking the elements of thought collision, I used warm colors and shape of collision to represent the core idea of the event. At the same time, to make it recognizable and be able to show the difference from Weilu, the student organization holding the event, the overall style of the logo is more modern.

The process of designing the logo did have a long process and modification.

The first version of the logo is as follows:


After consideration, the “other tries” was picked to be the shape of the logo due to the ease of recognition and the shape of the explosion.

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