Tangible Interaction: Color in Hand

A light controller which you can hold in your hand and see the color change when you play with it. You will see the color changes constantly when you rotate it. Also, the fading effect was designed when you turn on and turn off the light. If it’s too bright, a little node enables you to control the brightness.

I want to create a gentle, joyful, and fun way for people to interact with the light. By holding it in your hand and making it respond you in a freer tangible way without a clear interface or instruction, I believe it would be a nice little guy sitting on your table that you can play with to kill some leisure time.:)

dscf1669 lightinhand_effectpic


  • Hardware
    • Arduino Uno
    • potentiometer – control the brightness
    • accelerometer sensor- sense the change of XYZ in a space to generate the corresponding Hue and Saturation values
    • NeoPixel – the LED
  • Fabrication
    • Laser Cutting
  • Concept: HSV(Hue, Saturation, Value) color mode to RGB color output

Source Code

My Github


The detailed documentation on the process of making can be found here.

  • XYZ -> Angle -> HSV colorMode -> RGB

I used an accelerometer to get the real-time data of X, Y, Z Axises’ change in 3D space and then converted them into angles using some algorithms.

Then I used the angle to compute the position of a color in HSV color space. The color in a 3D space matched better than that in RGB, it also matched a hand’s movement.

After getting the color in HSV mode, I converted it into RGB colors and sent the data to the RGB Led(Neo Pixel) to show the color.

Get the raw data and convert it.


Convert the HSV color into RGB and send it to the led.


Refine the circuit and the hardware together,  add a potentiometer to control the brightness.


Diffusion effect: Cover the circuit and the led with some cotton to create a diffusion effect and a gentle, soft feeling.


  • Other:

Fading effect of the led when the light is turned on/off.

Potentiometer to control the brightness.

Circuit diagram/Schematic











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