UX: Fandango APP Redesign

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Project Overview

The project is to help Fandango selling tickets to events and concerts by adding the corresponding section and designing certain features for Fandango’s mobile APP.

UX course case project
In a team of four
2017.4 – 2017.5

Background: What is Fandango?


Fandango is a platform for users to explore movies and purchase tickets anytime and anywhere via mobile APP and its website.
Now the company wants to expand their market from movie tickets to tickets to concerts and local events.

My Role: User Research, Feature Design, UX Design

User Interview, Story Mapping, Information Architecture, Feature Design, Usability Tests, Wireframes, Prototype, and iterations.


Research 1/3: Research on Fandango – Target User & Brand Identity

We first identify Fandango’s current segment on researching the user data base and cross-platform data.
We also took a look at Fandango’s brand identity to make sure we are on the same image with the company.

Research 2/3: Interviews & Surveys
survey results
survey results

We conducted 7 interviews with friends and professors about their habits and attitudes related to movies and events.
We also designed and spread surveys not only on campus but also on Quora to step out of NYU bubble and get the more correct results. 37 responds were successfully collected. The online survey can be accessed here.

Research 3/3: Competitive Analysis

After analyzing the interviews and survey results, we identified Fandango current and potential competitors. We got insights on what we should learn from platforms like Facebooks on saving events, social features, and what we should avoid doing like too many categories and unclear user flow from platforms such as TicketMaster.


Define 1/2: Limit “events/concerts”

We limited the category of events and concerts to movie-related events, such as movie screening, movie premiere and so on, since Fandango is an app specialized on movie instead of all events.

Fandango’s statement:

Everything we do, on every platform, refects and spreads our passion for the magic of movies.

Define 2/2: Persona





Then I designed the storyboard and created different user flows with different scenarios to idealize the features we would have.


Based on the story board and different new user flows, we generated our features with corresponding wireframes.

storyboard & feature design.001storyboard & feature design.002storyboard & feature design.003

user testing

We conducted user testings on both paper prototype and mid-fidelity prototype.


Looking back to our design process, we had many iterations. We first designed all event categories for the app and then realized that we should follow the brand identity and MVP thinking to limit the events only to movie-related events. After the testings, we also had some insights on adding features on search page, embedding features like social sharing, and some comparisons of icon-choices. We finally delivered the HI-FI prototype.


lessons learned

  • Small Details Matter:
    • “Theatre” or “Venue”? We tested two ways of wording the place of events separately. Based on our observations from user interviews and testings, along with the brand identity, we finalized the word “theater”.
    • “Book mark” or “heart”? We first used bookmark icon for saving an event to distinguish the feature from saving a movie using heart icon. However, from our users and testers’ feedbacks, we realized that we should integrate the whole section into the app seamlessly.
  • MOSCOW feature:
    MOSCOW Feature


The reason why we have the priority of other features is because we got a lot more insights from interviews and testings. They are all potential opportunity for the company to improve its products and user experience in the future. So we have the features here for further development.

  • Next Steps:
    • Keep iterating and user testing! Specifically, testing the most high-fidelity prototype. Roll out each feature gradually. Test the icons with users.
    • Develop Android version
    • Consider the potential additional features. Develop tutorial screens for new users of the Fandango app about the event section.

Here is our project about Fandango APP, thanks for reading. 😀